April 20, 2010

Golden Age Artist Spotlight -- Sheldon Moldoff

Sheldon "Shelly" Moldoff celebrated his 90th birthday last Wednesday.  A living legacy, Moldoff has had an impact on comics that cannot be underestimated.   Besides his obvious stylistic influences on characters like Hawkman, the golden age Green Lantern, and Batman, Moldoff also created a bevy of new characters like Poison Ivy, Ace the Bathound, Hawkgirl, The Black Pirate, and Moon Girl. 

I will expand upon this blog post at a later time (I'm still reviewing some audio sources), and will discuss some rather controversial treatment of Moldoff by some legendary comic figures, but wanted to get both a placeholder and an exhibition of some of Moldoff's most distinctive covers (as well as a PSA and a Batman interior).