November 30, 2009

New Orleans Saints versus New England Patriots - Fantasy Gang-Bang

I'm wracking my brain trying to remember the last game that featured so many players starting for fantasy football squads.

At quarterback, you've got Drew Brees and Tom Brady. No one's sitting them, unless they're dead, they're playing in a "special" league, or they play in a 3 team league.

Likewise, Randy Moss, Marques Colston, and Wes Welker are no-brainers. Who else do you have that's got more scoring potential? New Orleans averages 420 yards per game and 36.9 points. It’s down from their record breaking average of 39-plus points per game the team rode until Week 7 but still more than five points greater than the second place Minnesota Vikings. New England ranks second in average yardage per game at 416 yards per.

The running back situations are a little iffy, but neither team has been exceptionally stout against the run, and both rank high in rushing TDs and per game rushing totals. Laurence Maroney, Pierre Thomas, and Mike Bell are probably starting in a majority of leagues.

Then you've got Jeremy Shockey and Ben Watson at tight end, and the other New Orleans WRs, including Robert Meachem, Devery Henderson, and potential PPR RB target Reggie Bush (if he plays).

Both kickers will start for most fantasy teams (John Carney for the Saints, and Steve Gostkowski for the Patriots), as will the defenses (I picked up the Saints D/ST early and they've won at LEAST two games for me -- I sat them this week in favor of the 49ers, and I expect the karmic bitchslap in return).

Watch it end up a 10-7 defensive struggle. Smart money says take the over, though.

My prediction is the Saints come back in the fourth quarter after trailing by at least two TDs at halftime. New Orleans 38, New England 35.

UPDATE: Well, at least I got the New Orleans score right. Saints 38, Patriots 17. The Saints are definitely for real.

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