January 22, 2010

NFL Playoffs -- Conference Finals Edition

Zach Galianakis doing the running man, a jaguar-skin coat, and Popeye's chicken washed down with Jaegermeister?  It's kind of crazy but it just might work. 

Seeing a homemade Saints Superbowl video, plus this chick,

makes me think that there may be some sort of weird dirtbag karma going on for the Saints.  I believe in dirtbag karma, particularly when there's ample sideboob.  

I'm picking the Saints over the Vikings.   38-31.

I was sort of "meh" when the Colts won their last Superbowl, and barely recall it, even though it was only four years ago (or was it three?).   I think I was finalizing my divorce at that point, so I probably watched the game in a dark room, popping the occasional anti-depressant.   But I really don't like the Colts this year for some reason.   Maybe it's residual irritation with all the Peyton Manning commercials, maybe it's the piggy, overly earnest Indianapolis fan base, as exemplified by this little midwestern choad:

Maybe it's the Patriots rivalry, maybe it's the Mayflower truck in the middle of the night leaving Baltimore.  In any case, I just don't like them, at all.   That leaves me rooting for the Jets by default.   Good enough.

Jets 20, Colts 17.

Enjoy the games this weekend.

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