December 17, 2009

Questionable Cover Art -- #1 In A Series -- Unfurgettable

Disregard for the moment that Wilma has some weird mutated ferret/panther/anaconda hybrid wrapped dangerously around her neck, and that said animal appears agitated and/or rabid.  I'm a bit more concerned that Fred Flintstone has to deal with the medical uncertainties and possible social ramifications of being born without an asscrack.  He has apparently been aware of this condition for some time, as evidenced by the Exorcist-like neck rotation.  I'm left to ponder whether Fred evacuates his bowels via some sentient animal colostomy bag, perhaps a wise-cracking pelican.  Perhaps, the evolution of the rectum to its current fissured placement and structure is a little farther down the line for human bodily development, and massive racks of ribs, enough to topple a car, were digested in toto, i.e., without resultant waste products.

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